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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jane's Surprise

I can't even remember the last time I had an opportunity to sit down and write a blog. We have been all over the place since our trip to Wisconsin.

We decided, on the trip back from Wisconsin, as the plane touched down in LA, that we would fly back to Nebraska for Billy's Mom's birthday at the beginning of July. I couldn't believe that I was agreeing to do that, since the trip out to Wisconsin was the ultimate family adventure!

Four week later, we were heading out again, kids in tow. We were pretty excited. Knowing his Mom didn't have a clue that we were on our way to see her, made it all the more fun! Just a few day before, she and I had a conversation on the phone that had me giggling.

Jane - "As I strolled through the airport the other day, I realized how challenging it is to be in an airport. And I thought 'Billy and Cindy did this with two young kids and had a heck of a time!'"

Me - "Yes, it was a challenge, that's for sure!" (Inside I was thinking - Oh boy, my crazy ass is about to do it all over again in three days!! Hehe, she has no clue and we'll laugh about it this weekend!!)

When we arrived, the weather was unusually sweltering. It was 104 degrees with the humidity so thick, you could slice through it with a knife. Billy started his five day rant about how hot it was, as if I didn't notice the sweat trickling down my back.

We were going to surprise her the next morning over breakfast, but decided to wait for Matt, Billy's brother to arrive in a few hours and surprise her that evening. Once Matt arrived, we headed over to their house.We figured if we sent Belle to the front door, she would be thrown off, wondering why there was a little girl that looks like her granddaughter, standing at her doorstep.

As Belle positioned herself on the front porch, we all giggled silently, waiting for the Big Reveal. Belle tried ringing the doorbell, but didn't push it hard enough. We thought it was broken so we asked her to knock hard on the door. Inside, Jane was relaxing, doing a crossword puzzle, and didn't hear the knock. Billy's dad, Bill, yells down at her to answer the door. Annoyed, she gets up swearing she never heard anyone at the door, opens it, only to find Belle standing there! Belle shouts, "Surprise!" and we all come out from the side of the house.

The shock, confusion and happiness on her face, was well worth the effort! She was so surprised and delighted that we were all there, for her, and with her on her birthday. When we looked at each other after the shock kind of wore off, we started laughing about our conversation a few days earlier. This time though, the flight over was easy. No issues at all.

We had a great time fishing, playing games, relaxing, cooking, talking and generally just being together. Family time is important and we don't take it for granted. Laughter is the best medicine, and in this family, there are plenty of laughs!

I suppose this gives us confidence that we can , in fact, pull off a good surprise. You never know what we will plan for the next adventure. We might even end up on your doorstep, with all of us in tow! Muahahahaha......

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