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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Just Roll With It.....

Yesterday, we celebrated Billy's birthday. Originally, he wanted to play golf all day because he could play for free on his birthday. OK. Fine. Whatever. I have to work anyway, and I figured we could do something later in the evening. No big deal. It would allow me plenty of time to get a gift for him, since I have failed to find anything for him (aren't all men hard to shop for?).

He had another idea for the day. He asked if I wanted to go out later and dance! Music to my ears!! As I drove home, excited to spend some quality "date" time with my guy, my phone rings.

Billy: "Hey, how's your day going?"
Me: "It's been a tough afternoon. I'm emotionally spent. How are you?"
Billy: "I'm good! Is it okay if I play golf?"
Me: "Of course! It's your birthday. Do what you would like to do (I'm thinking about the five hours I will have to get a nap, wash my car, and find a gift for him)!"
Billy: "Hey, I want to go to The Cowboy Palace tonight. Is that okay with you?"
Me: What came out of my mouth was, "Sure! Your birthday, you decide." What was going on in my head was, "Ohhhhh Fuuuuuuuuudddddggggggeeeeee!!"

The Cowboy Palace is a great LITTLE honky tonk in the Valley. They have live music every night, lots of energy, and no cover charge. If you've never been there, that was the "bar" in Toby Keith's video "I Love This Bar", and was also featured in an episode of CSI. It's a great place to go when it's not busy. Billy has been there once with me, but I have been there several times. I was a frequent dancer there on Friday nights, during my single days. When it's busy, it's a nightmare. I had to prepare myself for the nightmare!

We take off for the evening. The time I really look forward to, is the time in the car, talking, while we drive to our destination. We have really good conversations when we're in the car. I can't figure out why that is, but it happens every time. I will tell you, that I was not really in the mood to go "dance" in this closet of a place, on a Saturday night. However, Billy was really looking forward to it. Part of his charm, to me, is his excitement over things. The more excited he becomes, the easier it is for me to let go of the preconceived thoughts I have.

We got a few good dances in before the band started, and the place started filling up. Pretty soon though, it was wall to wall people. We rolled with it. We threw out our dancing technique, just bounced around, in place, a lot, and had a fabulous time! We goofed off a lot, and laughed a lot. The band was great! When they played "Stand By Me", he pulled me close, and together, dancing cheek to cheek, I was reminded in that moment, that we have stood by each other over the last several years. He is my best friend. My lover. My partner.

We drove home, his arm around my shoulder, most of the way back. We talked, listened to music, sang off key, and discussed the upcoming concerts we are going to this summer. I realized that sometimes, I just have to "roll with it" and not be so closed off. It was a good reminder, that with my best friend, we have fun anywhere. Like the dancing itself, following his lead, takes a little practice. I'm still learning to relinquish some control, and just follow.

It was an imperfectly, perfect day.

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