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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Motherhood Failure - Take 2

Yesterday I had a moment in which I realized I have some short comings as a renewed parent. I say renewed because I have 2 older children and now a baby.

When I had little Pumpkie, I was thrilled! I always knew I was destined for one more child. I just hadn't really convinced the selfish side of me. The side that was finished with the raising of young children. I was moving on to raising young adults and they are far more independent than the little ones. I had tasted sweet freedom and I rather enjoyed it's taste.

The first time I "failed" my little angel was on our first doctor's visit. I had become accustomed to maneuvering through life without all the additional packaging that one little baby requires. So off I trotted to the doctor's office with baby in tow. I made sure to dress her in the cutest outfit possible, assuring myself a compliment or two from the nursing staff about how adorable little Pumpkie is!

The nurse took us to the room to weigh and measure her. She tells me that I need to take off all of Pumpkie's clothes and put her on the scale. As I removed the diaper from my perfectly presented infant, I see she has left me the nicest little present loaded from front to back. It's then that I realize that I completely forgot to bring a diaper bag and therefore, forgot diapers! Are you kidding me??? For the love of Pete! I lowered my head and begged the nurse for mercy.....I vowed then to be a better parent. Yeah right!

Yesterday, Pumpkie and I were driving home (she had been in the car with me all day) and she wanted out. She began with a little fussing, which then turned into wailing. I felt bad that she was in the car seat on and off throughout the day while I worked. But Mama's gotta do what Mama's gotta do! I tried talking to her but that only agitated her because she wanted to be held. I thought "Oh, I'll sing to her!"

I started with the ABC's because that's one that I know. She stopped screaming. Thank you God!! Once the song was over, I began with "The Wheels on the Bus" and followed it up with "Itsy Bitsy Spider". I began searching my memory index for another kids song. Holy crap! Why can't I remember anymore kids songs? This is B.A.D.!!

Blank. Nothing. WHAT THE HECK? Why on Earth can I not remember anymore kids songs? Then "Sunshine" popped into my head. So I sang....

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy, when skies are gray
You'll never know dear how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away
The other night as you lay sleeping (wait, those aren't the words)
I forgot the lyrics to this silly song
But I will keep the rhythm and maybe hummm
So you don't start crying all over again

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.....

I remembered that the song isn't important. It's the singing that is most important and hearing my voice. So I threw in a CD and started singing "Drink in my Hand" by Eric Church. Lord knows I needed one after the day I had!

I know, in the grand scheme of things, this is really unimportant. However, I would like to be able to be baby competent and know some more kids songs. It's pathetic when you can't even recall the lyrics to "Mockingbird". Please, help a sister out here!! Barney is no longer popular and I've lost all my VHS tapes of that annoying purple dinosaur.

Yesterday, I felt shame and failure as a parent. Today, I realize I am not above asking for some assistance from wiser, more experienced parents. After all, we learn more from the failures in life than we ever could from being a know-it-all. :)


  1. LOL...we all have forgotten the songs as time moves on. I made up my own words to the song It had something to do with and an alligator. Know its the efforts and time that you are spending with her that matters the most

  2. Thank you! I am sure the lyrics don't matter as much now when she can't really understand everything I say. But in a few months, she'll know and I need to be on my game!! LOL
    I love that you made up your own lyrics to mockingbird! Fabulous!!

  3. Hey Cindy - I recall very few lyrics to children's songs myself and mine is 3 1/2 and I have not put in much effort. As an infant I sang Landslide, Tiny Dancer, Good Life (not a popular artist). I played Neil Diamond, Fleetwood Mac and Elton John and listen to the Highway on Sirrius XM in the car. My daughter can sing almost any of these songs and this morning I was singing along listening to the Highway and she asked me to please stop. A moment later I could hear her belting out the song! You're correct that children do love music, but you can offer any to them and they usually go with it. Isabella loves "Red Solo Cup", just give me a gold star next to my name for momma of the year ;)

  4. Haha...Red Solo Cup is a catchy tune. When the girls were younger I had tapes that were catered to their names. So I'd be singing along to tunes that had their names in it. It was cool. Can't find it anywhere now. Oh well, guess she'll have to grow up listening to country and going to concerts with us!