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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nerium AD - My Results

A client of mine called me a few weeks ago, and asked me if I have ever heard of a night cream called Nerium AD. I hadn't heard anything about it. Have any of you?

She gave me some background about the product, and some of the results people are seeing. She offered to let me try it for 5 days, and allow the product to speak for itself. I didn't think I had anything to lose. In fact, I thought it would be good to log any results I may get, so that I could blog about it.

Day 1:
I took my "before" photo.
Holy hell, does my face really look like that?
I applied the night cream to my damp face.
Okay, it smells kind of weird, and it's a bit tacky in texture, but whatever.

Day 2:
I woke up, and could see that the night cream was hard at work last night. My skin was smoother, and softer than I can remember it feeling, and the dark spot on my forehead is significantly lighter. Cool!

Day 3:
I don't notice the smell of the cream anymore. I must be getting used to it. The red spots around my nose are gone. GONE! I forgot to mention that I was applying the cream to the tops of my hands, and the dark spots and freckles are GONE. Whoa!!

Day 4:
I'm noticing the deeper lines or wrinkles, if you will, on my forehead are softening. The dark spots are definitely lightening. I'm starting to become a believer.

Day 5:
My skin feels firmer, smoother and definitely softer. I no longer need to use concealer for the dark spots, which is a complete miracle! My hands look younger. I don't want to have to depart with this product! I feel like I found the "fountain of youth in a bottle".

Day 1

I didn't really have high expectations when I agreed to try the product. In fact, I was a bit negative about trying it. Once I did, I was absolutely impressed with the results I received in such a short period of time! I began learning more about the product. Here is the "nutshell" version:

"While researching the potential uses of the Nerium oleander plant for skin cancer treatments - the plant was previously considered little more than an ornamental plant - the scientists involved at Nerium Biotech discovered the plant's extracts delivered remarkable age-defying results when applied to the skin."

Day 5
I did more research. I checked on line to see what people are saying about the product. People are praising the product, and the results they are getting from it! Surely, there had to be something wrong. Some catch. Nope. Nothing. 

So here I am, your friend, family member, acquaintance, or trainer, giving you my feedback on the product. I tried it. It worked better than any other product I have ever used. In fact, I may just have to become a Brand Partner and start a little side business. I only get behind something I truly believe in, believe it will help others, and is a quality product.

Here are some before/after photo's. I recently met the man in the photo below. His results are real.

** Update: I believe in the product so much that I have become a Brand Partner! If you would like more information please log on to or order your product. You can also read my follow up blog "Nerium AD Real Results" for more photos.


  1. Hi Cindy,
    I too tried Nerium and got great results, always had bad razor burn and dry skin, Nerium seems to have fixed my problem. Cant say enough good things about it.

  2. Hi! I want to take a chance with Nerium AD, but, can you post your actual photo, after more than 3 months of use?

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