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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Creating a blog post - you have no idea!

My day always starts with the intention of first marketing, then creating. I am getting my feet wet with blogging and I am a personal trainer. I wake up with fresh ideas and can't wait to write something new each day. Here's a typical day:

Wake up and sleep walk to the coffee pot. Grab a mug, my creamer and blindly pour my coffee into the mug, hoping not to scald the shit out of myself.

Grab the mug and trip over a baby toy while on my way over to the computer, thus scalding the shit out of my hand and spilling a few ounces on the carpet, which now needs to be cleaned, and quietly mouthing a few expletives as to not wake the sleeping bundle of joy.

Grab a towel and wet it, cleaning up the coffee spill.

Walk over to put the towel in the laundry hamper and realize I should get a load of laundry started before little Pumpkie rises.

Collect a load of dirty laundry and grab a few quarters and head downstairs to start a load.

Come back upstairs, walk through the door and see the mess of toys on the floor. Clean those up and sit down to start my marketing.

A few taps on the keyboard and I hear the little bundle waking up. Shit! Hurry and type faster.

Log onto Facebook and Twitter with the intention of creating a new blog page and adding new followers, I get sidetracked by who started her period this morning, who is dreading work today, someone is wishing everyone a good day, my IM goes off and it's someone wanting to say hi.

My phone started buzzing. Gotta play my words with friends and keep that updated. Baby is starting to get louder, for the love of God!

Send links out to the social media sites.....Wait? What is that? Serious tummy is telling me I need to eat. I'm reminded of the coffee, so I grab my mug for a drink. It's cold. Damn!

Head to the microwave to reheat the coffee and notice the dishes in the sink. UGH! I just did them all last night and there's already a sink full?!

Pumpkie is now whining and wants to get out of bed. I pick her up and realize, seeing more dirty clothes that I have to put the clothes in the dryer now. Sigh!

Put Pumpkie in her highchair and feed her. Or attempt to anyway. She wants to play with her food before eventually letting me actually feed her, so I head over to the computer again and get moving to a new site to feed my URL.

My tummy reminds me I need to feed myself so I grab the last yogurt and a banana and quickly inhale it, reminding myself to head to the market later on. We need food.

Pumpkie wants to play, so I set her down by her toys. She isn't having it. I try and make my escape after distracting her with her favorite toy, but she sees me moving slowly out of the corner of her little baby eye, and starts whaling.

I totally forgot about the laundry and pick her up along with more quarters and head downstairs to change it around.

I come back up and put her at my feet while I try and type out a new post.

I type out a sentence. I get another one out. She starts crying. OK fine. I give up.

Play with the baby. Play with the baby. Read baby a book. Turn on Seasame Street hoping it will distract her for a few minutes.

Go back to blog. Think, think, think.

Reread what I wrote. Scratch it. Start over.

Tap the keyboard. Hmmm? Oh! I got it. I start many sentences, which eventually turn into a paragraph.

Look over at Pumpkie, who has a nice banana lather going on top of her head, and decide it's time to jump in the shower.

It's 9am. Dear, sweet baby, this is going to be a long day! Pray for a few minutes to the sleeping baby God's that she takes a morning nap.

No such luck and she's dialed into the fussy channel!

Oh crap! The laundry. Collect the baby and head downstairs to get the laundry with baby in tow.

Distract baby with clean clothes and a laundry basket. Brilliant!

I type out a new sentence with her by my side, but have to give up because she wants to climb in the basket and has turned it over. Not so brilliant......

On and on it goes all day. I decide to book shelf it unless she takes a nap by herself, you know the kind where she's not physically attached to me? I try and lay her down, she wakes up immediately. I. Give. Up!!

Billy comes home and I launch the little darling at him before he can grab the remote control! Take that, kind sir!!

I shit you not, it's not more than 5 minutes later and he's lost interest in playing with her. Are you kidding me? I swear one of these days I'm going to drop her off in his classroom and have him try and get his work done with her attached to his hip!

Dinner needs to be cooked and I've had no time to hit the market. I order a pizza and call it a night.

By 7pm I've lost my mind and resemble some creature from beyond. My eyes get wide, I get snappy and I think my hair might be on the wild side (one would guess, between bananas, graham crackers and pulling it out all day long!).

I border on getting emotional, which always clears a room. He volunteers to lay down with her and put her to sleep. My plan is working! Whoo-hoo!!

And a few hours later, my blog is ready for all of you to read. So please, for the love of God, understand the work involved in this crap and freakin' comment!! Thank you and you're welcome!!


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