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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Peyton's Place

The top 4 teams courting our beloved 18 are Denver, Miami, Arizona and Tennessee. Where will he go? How will he choose? Each team has kept their cards close to the vest and haven't spoken publicly about the meeting they had with Peyton.

I'm not so sure Arizona has a real shot with Manning. Arizona is the only NFC team of the four. If I were Peyton, I would be more inclined to pick an AFC team because I already know that conference. He's studied every team in that conference and would have his work cut out for him getting to know a new system and all the teams in the NFC he would face. That doesn't appear to be a viable option, in my opinion.

Miami desperately needs Peyton. But with several celebrity owners, a new head coach and many moves in the wings, does it seem like the right fit for Peyton? It would seem to me that 18 has a few good years left in him. He's competitive. I can see him wanting to have the best shot at winning a Superbowl this coming year as well as the following year. And honestly, do we think Miami is poised for a Championship run over the next few years? I don't think so.

That brings it to Tennessee and Denver. Denver seems like the likely choice. Elway and Manning have a relationship already. Going to Denver allows 18 to have a serious shot at a Championship run. They have a the strongest team out of all four prospects. Peyton can't play forever. Eventually he has to retire. Being under Elway's mentorship, allows Peyton to see whether being an executive for a team is the way to go. But I think it's the Championship run that appeals to him more. Sibling rivalry runs deep and we shouldn't discount that as a motivating factor. I wouldn't want my baby brother to outshine me!

That brings me to the current starter for the Denver Broncos. Where will Tebow factor in to all of this if Peyton chooses Denver? Will he be traded out, released, asked to play back up? I really can't see any other team chase Tebow as a starter other than Jacksonville. And not because Jacksonville needs him for winning, but they need him for filling the seats in their stadium. He's a good, solid guy. But he does need some work on his mechanics.

Wherever he goes, it'll be Peyton's Place. We sit and wait, hoping each day there's an announcement on his decision. We want to feel better knowing he's got a home and can get to work. We will cheer in excitement and encouragement when he takes the field with his new team. We will feel elation just to see him out on the field again, doing what he loves to do....playing football!

Hurry up Peyton and make a decision. The world waits....

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