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Friday, August 31, 2012

A Kirby, an Altima and Monte

This summer, we took a big leap forward. We enjoyed the kids, the long summer days, the warmth of the sun, county fairs and country concerts. Our commitment to each other and our family intensified when I received a text from my daughter one afternoon.

Lala: "Are you home?"
Me: "No, not yet."
Lala: "Oh okay, cuz (teenager speak) I was gonna ask who's here.. Cuz there's some chick here ._."
Me: "Well, go see who it is."
Lala: "Well, I looked through my door & I think she's vacuuming or something & she's African American with a bunch of dreadlocks."
Me: "Maybe she's trying to sell something."
Lala: "Yeah, sounds like it. But idk ('I don't know' - more teenager speak)
Lala: "Yeah she was giving a demo & and a vacuum. What time will you be back home?"

Exactly two seconds later, Billy texts me (don't they know I'm driving, for Heaven's sake?).

Billy: "When will you be home?"
Me: "10 minutes"
Billy: "There are people here from Kirby giving me a demonstration and I want you to see this. We'll wait for you."
Me: "Ok"

That's when I knew we were going to purchase a Kirby. Which, by the way, is the BEST vacuum I have ever used. Two hours later, and now very late for the county fair, we were committed to a vacuum that does everything, including unclogging sinks! Hallelujah!!

Then a week and a half later, I am on the hunt for a new car. One with better gas mileage, since I put on about 1000 miles a week. Yes, a week. That equates to about $850 in gasoline every month. Plus with 238,000 miles on my former car, I was taking a gamble on whether the car would continue to run, or simply break down. It was time to trade it in.

I found the best car for my needs. A 2013 Nissan Altima, which averages between 33 and 38 miles per gallon. I love my new car and all the money it is saving me in gasoline.

New car + lower fuel costs + new Kirby = $75 savings each month! My family is now safe AND clean! Whoo-hoo!

The kids have been begging us for a dog. Not a fish or hamster. A dog. It was way too hard to have an animal with a new baby, but now that she is moving into the toddler stage, we could revisit the idea of a pet.

We told the kids that once we moved to a bigger home, with a backyard, we would consider having a dog. We felt that it would be fair to the dog, if he/she had more room to run around. However, one post on Facebook, and we completely changed our minds.

We adopted Monte, a male Shitzhu, and welcomed him into our family. He truly is the BEST dog. The kids absolutely love him!! Monte loves the kids. But he is a mama's boy at heart. He follows me everywhere, sleeps under my bed, on my side of it, comes to work with me, and has developed the kids' habit of barging into the bathroom when I am using it. Yes, he fits right in!

Monte does a have a problem trusting men, so his relationship with Billy is still developing. I suggested that Billy hand feed him at least once a day, to help gain trust. I meant, dog food, but Billy thinks Monte will take to him better if he feeds him chicken and steak. I think it's a great idea for bonding, but we may have developed a bit of a food snob.

He's calm, potty trained (the best part) and he doesn't bark. I know, weird, right? He's only barked one time in the last week, and that was because another dog was sniffing a little too close to his parts. He didn't really like that and made himself clear.

All in all, we've been "moving on up". The kids are good, we are good and most certainly, life is good!!

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