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Sunday, August 19, 2012

County Fairs and Country Concerts

Each summer, Billy and I look forward to the County Fairs. It's kind of our "thing". We go, we dance, we watch a concert, and we eat fair food. Not necessarily in that order.

This year we kicked off summer with the Santa Barbara State Fair, in Santa Maria. We absolutely loved this fair when we went a few years ago, and saw Little Big Town. We had so much fun, we were laughing and giggling all the way over to the BBQ stand. The employees working that night, decided to poke a little fun at our expense, and challenged us to dance for them. An Eric Church song was playing on the radio, and we were more than happy to oblige. They were so shocked we could actually dance, they gave us free food. That night, we danced for pulled pork sandwiches!

This year, we brought our new sidekicks with us. Kristin (Belle's Mom) and Chris (her boyfriend) are the perfect "fair-mates"! We all met up to watch Sawyer Brown in concert. We had such a good time singing, dancing and convincing Kristin to ride the Ferris Wheel with us. Her only request was that we NOT rock the "bucket" we were in. Of course, we ROCKED it as hard as we could!

We had such a great time at that fair, that Chris and Kristin wanted to go with us to see Eric Church the following week at the Mid State Fair, in Paso Robles. This fair is a bit of a drive, so we all stayed the same room! The pre-concert tailgating began in the "church" parking lot (go figure) and ended with second row seats at the concert! We all had a blast, singing, screaming, and acting like idiots. We ended the evening dancing at some really crowded bar (at the fair). Definitely good times, with great people.

When we got back to the hotel room, Chris and Billy decided it was a good idea to have a "chicken leg" duel and battled to the end..... It's truly a miracle we actually went to sleep that night, considering the boys can get a little rowdy.

Flash forward a few weeks, and we all went to the Ventura County Fair to see Martina McBride. The boys are always entertaining. Chris wanted something fried, and settled with a fried Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. He got this long roll of paper towel/toilet paper with his order. Billy decided that Chris should put it on his boot and walk around the fair, cocky and cowboy like. OH MY GOSH, I can't remember laughing that hard, ever! The looks people were giving him were so funny!!

Child-like antics, good music, fair food, and the company of great people is the recipe to feeling young again. We look forward to the next concert in November with our sidekicks! We'll be in the pit for another Eric Church concert. Lord help those surrounding us....

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