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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The List

I dated and danced. I finally believed in myself enough to date. Funny, I never thought I had confidence issues until I started looking around after being single for so long and realized that I was not opening myself up to meeting anyone. But there it was, staring me in the eye, daring me to invite the dating world in.

I did. I invited every knucklehead in a 5 miles radius into my little bubble! After experiencing, what I call the nightmare years, I started thinking about why it was so hard to find the right person. It was like I was trying to find something that was unique and interesting but I would encounter the scary and frightening!

I remember this one guy emailing me telling me that he recognized me from the bar and wondered if I was a "good" girl or "bad" girl. I asked why he was wondering that about me because I was just getting my feet wet in the dating world and couldn't possibly have a reputation on either side just yet. He told me it was due to the crowd I was hanging out with at the time and he thought I was a "bad" girl and he didn't date "bad" girls. I really should have listened to my inner gut telling me to run for the hills, but I thought maybe there was more to this guy than he was showing me.

When he asked me on a predate before officially asking me on a real date, I agreed. I didn't think it was that uncommon for people to meet for coffee or whatever to get a pulse for the other person. That doesn't seem that strange, right? WRONG!! He was rude and demanding to the waitress. He was challenging with me when we spoke of football. Even saying that he normally doesn't date anyone who is a Cowboy's fan because he can't stand the Cowboy's. I figured anyone can have a bad day and maybe I was being too judgmental, so I agreed to meet him for the date.

We met at the restaurant, which was a very upscale restaurant and he showed up in his cowboy get up complete with a hat, which he did not take off for dinner. He was in much better spirits this time around, but when it was over and we were waiting for the valet to bring the cars around, I couldn't help notice that he brought his dog with him, which he kept in the car the entire time! WTH?? He tried planting a wet one on me but I backed away saying "I don't kiss on the first date. Sorry. "

I met him one more time (which I can't even believe I did! I'm an idiot sometimes!) and this time it was for coffee, since I was in the area anyway. When we got into the cafe' part of the bookstore, he notices a dead bird outside of the door. Instead of getting up to alert the barrista, he SHOUTS at the top of his lungs...."Hey! ..... Hey! There's a dead bird outside of the doorway!!! You MIGHT want to pick it up!!!!" I was embarrassed and appalled and that's when it all came to an end. Well, not quite.

A week later, he calls me to tell me that it just wouldn't work out between us because he's been thinking about the fact that I have kids from a previous relationship. That just won't do for him. I, of course, could have cared less at this point and let him off the hook. There was no point in continuing the conversation. But I do have to see him at the bar because that's the place I like to dance. A few days later, he walks in with his new roommate, whom he introduces me to. He asks me if he can talk to me privately.

Sometimes, I am just too darn nice for my own good. I walk with him to the opposite side of the bar. He pulls me a little closer and wants to propose an idea he's been thinking about. He doesn't think we would work out as a couple (you got that right, buddy!) but would like to know if we could be casual lovers and sleep with each other on occasion. staring in utter amazement at him. I finally ask, "Do I have whore written across my forehead?" and I walk away. He has since been dubbed "The Asshole". It was that event that got me thinking.....I need a list! A very long list!!

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  1. Bwhahahahaha... I fell out of my chair laughing!!!