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Friday, March 30, 2012

You are my inspiration.....

Sometimes, we just need to be inspired.

When I left my job back in 2006, I left behind a huge company that worked hard to continue to motivate and drive their employees, their members, and the community. I ventured off on my own, and I quickly realized how alone, I truly was. I had no other trainers there, pushing me to learn more, or create opportunities to create new exercises. I no longer had a company behind me, marketing my business or driving people through the front door. I had to do it all alone, and I failed.

Today, I was rejuvenated. I met some really great people who reminded me that my life is what I make it. Each day, I have the opportunity to wake up and start the day with the right attitude, take steps toward doing the right things, and make decisions that benefit not only me, but those around me. I am appreciative of the reminder, because in the trenches of life, I forget how important that piece, truly is.

It can be tough doing things on your own, whether it be running your own business, raising children, or trying to stay on an exercise program. We all need help. We all need someone to keep us motivated, set us straight when we forget the direction in which we are going, and to inspire us to do better for ourselves. After all, we all want encouragement and approval for the things we are working hard to achieve.

Some things that inspire me are:

-Seeing a client step on the scale, and see the scale move in the direction of their goal.

-Seeing someone overcome their fears by trying something new.

-Watching my children grow and develop over time.

-Seeing the joy on Billy's face when he is excited about golf, a movie, a book or whatever trend he's into that week.

-Watching someone work hard to overcome a physical obstacle and then finding it easier the next time they try it.

-Listening to a friend talk about their passion, whether it be music, sports or work.

-Watching someone else succeed, when they have previously failed.

I know that some of us don't really get to be recognized for the efforts we make in life. I certainly am no exception. But what you do, matters. Each one of us has a role in this life. Each of us, contributes in some way.

Tomorrow, I will wake up and I will start the day with a fresh attitude. I will do my job well, with gratitude and be thankful for each minute of my day. I will not bitch about sitting in traffic for hours.....well, maybe that's going too far....oh, who am I kidding? I hate traffic and it sucks ass! But outside of the traffic situation, I will look at each moment through a different lens. I am going to be the inspiration (hey, isn't that a song) rather than wait to be inspired. I will be the difference in someone's day!

I'd really like to know.....what inspires you?

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