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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Who said 40 was the new 30?

Apparently, turning 40 means you are no longer allowed to leave the bathroom without make-up on, or looking put together. Did anyone else get the memo? That memo must have fallen under my desk, because I didn't get it.

Okay, I'm getting older, but must it be pointed out routinely by those who care about me?

Billy: "What's the brown spot under your eye?"
Me: "What??" Run to the mirror.... "Oh, THAT (disgusted) is an age spot."
Billy: "You should wear make-up because you're 40 now." (He's so helpful!)
Me: "What does that mean?"
Billy: "Well....."
Me: "Christ, spit it out already!"

My client at 6am has Asperger's  Syndrome and isn't shy about his true feelings.

Client: "I hate you!"
Me: "You don't hate me, you hate that I represent the exercise."
Client: "True. But I still hate you. "
Me: Sigh
Client: "You look old today. I never noticed all of your wrinkles."
Me: "Alright, let's speed that treadmill up a lot more....."

Belle likes to get a little close sometimes.

Belle: "Cindy, will you help me brush my teeth?"
Me: "Of course I will. You get started and I'll be right there."
Belle: "What's that red thing on your face?"
Me: "That's a pimple honey. Believe me, you'll get plenty of those in a few years."
Belle: After thinking for a few seconds, and through gritted teeth, "Well, I would just put some make-up on it."
Me: "Okay, bed time!"

I.Give.Up! I. Surrender! Fine, I can take a direct hit. They certainly weren't sparing my feelings, so it must be something I really should do.

I ran that by one of my friends, and she told me that when she turned 40, she had to start wearing light make-up, daily. I guess we get to a certain age and we have to at least make that small adjustment to our morning routine. I just think it's kind of pointless when I'm sweating half the day. But hey, apparently, they've been hinting and I haven't been picking up what they've been putting down.

So my people....I hear you loud and clear. Momma's got a whole new mindset. Make-up, presentation, hotness! Gotcha....who said that 40 was the new 30?? Lies, my friends, lies!

Am I alone here? Are any other people going through the let's-point-out-all-the-flaws stage?

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