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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Surviving spring break...

I hope everyone had a great Passover or Easter weekend! I am really glad it is over, and I'm even more excited about the new week starting, since everyone will be back on schedule.

We had spring break this past week, and it was an interesting one. I picked up a few more clients, which increased my workload (very good thing), and the gang was home all week. The good news is that we all survived. The bad news is that we barely did!

Pumpkie must be teething again, but this time, the tooth that is coming in must be as big as her head! Holy Toledo, batman!! The drool this child expels is astounding! I had no idea a little person her size could produce that much saliva. I finally had to tape a bucket to her head just to slow down the laundry loads!

Lala decided it was a good idea to carve her name into my kitchen table. After I reminded her that my table was not a park bench, I grounded her and told her that she wouldn't be bored because she was going to sand down the table and refinish it over the break! Brilliant!

Belle decided it was a good idea to keep pushing boundaries, because apparently, that's what six year old's do. After bouncing a ball in the house, I told her to stop and put the basketball away. A minute later she bounces a volleyball! For the love of.....

"Belle, I told you NOT to bounce the ball in the house."
"You said not to bounce the basketball."
"No, I said not to bounce the ball and put the basketball away. Now you have to sit in time out for 5 minutes."

1 minute into timeout

Belle, bouncing in the chair says,"Do I have 1 minute left?"
"No, you have 4 minutes left. Please sit still."

2 minutes into timeout

Belle, still bouncing and getting louder, "How many more minutes do I have left?"
"You have 3 more minutes, but if you continue to talk, then I'd be happy to add another 5 minutes."


3 minutes into timeout....

Blood curdling scream, followed by, "HELP, my arm is stuck!!". She had managed to stick her arm in between the slats of the chair backing and could not get her arm out. In fact, I couldn't get her arm out! I panicked for 2 seconds and then she looked at me with big, teary eyes and screamed, "Can you get some tools or something??" I'm laughing now, but it wasn't funny then!

Essentially, this week had it's ups and downs, but we survived. I learned a few things. I learned that the women who hire nannies are not lazy. They are the brightest women on the planet! In fact, they are so in tune with their capabilities, that they know they can't do it alone. I, on the other hand, thought I could, and realize I will probably be a better mother if I hire someone a few times a week to watch the squirt! Twice a week is enough for now. I am on a mission to gain balance in my life!

I wish timeout's worked on teenagers. It doesn't, and we are left to take things away or ground them for life, because they push boundaries in a whole new way. Lala decided that last night she would stay out past curfew with her friend. I was around the corner working out at the gym, when I text her to find out where she was. I actually drove to the location, made a huge production about her being late and breaking curfew, and stormed out of the store! That'll teach her!! As I'm driving home, I notice the street lights aren't on yet, and it dawns on me that I changed her curfew! Ooohhh CRAP!! I completely forgot about it and now I had to apologize for my error, embarrassing her in front of the store employees, and her friend. Whoops! Major mama fail. I came right home and put myself in timeout!

Oh well, we all make mistakes. I'll try to remember that the next time one of the children messes up, acts out, or pushes boundaries. Then again, with my luck, I will probably forget and become a ranting lunatic before it hits me and I have to sit in timeout. But because I'm the Mom, I can sit in timeout with and adult beverage, and not have to talk to anyone. Hmmm, maybe I should put myself in timeout more often? Just a thought! Insert evil grin.........


  1. Thank you for giving a nice balance of showing you love and care for your children, while expressing how much they push your buttons. Keep doing that. It reminds me why its a good thing I don't have children. All the parents who only tell the good stuff makes me sad I don't have kids, then you come along with a dose of reality and bingo... I'm reminded I like sleep and being able to do what I want on a weekend without having to take anyone else into consideration. ;)

  2. I am so glad you explained it was you the other day. I was thinking I might have to step up and start being a guest speaker at high schools across America on the importance of abstaining from having sex! just pack the kids up in the car and let them do their thing in front of the captivated audience and WHAM! Every parent in America will be thanking me for saving their child from having pre-marital sex!! Kidding....on a more serious note, thanks for the encouragement. It's fun to write, but better to get feedback. Hugs!!