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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mr. Mom!!

It's 9:38pm on a Saturday night,
And all through the house,
Not a child is stirring, not even my spouse.
When all of the sudden, I realize there's no noise,
I grab the remote in the pile of toys,
Assume the position on the soft, comfy couch,
Stick my hand down the front of my pants, like a slouch!
I'm enjoying the role of Daddy today,
I worked, I shopped, and came home with a smile,
I was greeted by my children, arms stretched out a mile.
They had hugs and giggles waiting for me,
Play with me, play with me, will you Mommy?
I will, I will, you joyful little things,
But first let me check in with Mr. Mom and see if it stings.
"Hi hon, how was your day?", I said with a straight face,
Holding back my laughter with all of my grace.
Knowing the answer would not be good,
Knowing exactly where he stood,
I've been there before, in fact, every day,
I have no sympathy, it's time for you to pay!
All the shit that I go through with these perfect little girls,
I deserve the world's riches, payable in diamonds and pearls!
I think he gets it, after a day like today,
If not, I could do it all over again, in fact, I just may!
These are the trenches of parenthood, my friend,
You don't get a break, a second or two,
To gather yourself or sit down to privately poo.
They're there in your face, demanding your attention,
Complaining, screaming and crying, did I mention?
You thought I was exaggerating, complaining and whinning,
How does it feel to be the one sighing?
It's not that I wish this on you, my dear,
I just want you to get it, loud and clear.
Don't leave me alone for long periods of time,
I'm often stretched to my limit, close to losing my mind!
I love them, I do, with all of my heart,
They're gorgeous, creative, outgoing and smart.
They find new ways to challenge my patience every day,
So I'm glad it was you, that had the price to pay,
On a day like today, when it all seemed fine,
They got on your nerves and crossed that line.
You know what I go through, and you fought a good fight..........
Happy bedtime to all, and to all a goodnight!

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